Where we came from - and for what purpose

What drives us is our obsession with complex problems.

Our History began with the work of two lawyers from different fields: Rodrigo, a specialist in tax and corporate law, and Nicolas, from the corporate area, and a specialist in business restructuring and recovery.

Working directly with businesses, it was very clear to both professionals that the hindrances of companies go beyond the legal part. And that, at the same time, the owners of these businesses do not have enough time to:


identify all these problems with assertiveness and agility


hire the correct professionals who work on these different areas of expertise


monitor the resolution of these issues once the action plan has been set

These three steps are precisely the core of Macaw Business, and it's what we like to do the most.

The complete diagnosis of problems, the curation of specialists, the monitoring of the application of all resolving measures and, above all: the integration and centralization of the entire process in a single point of contact for you.

Meet our team


Rodrigo Báez - Co-Founder & CEO


Nicolas - Co-Founder & CFO


Rodrigo Báez - COO