Business Integration

A company's problem is hardly restricted to just one area. If an error occurs in human relations, it quickly flows to Finance, Legal, and so on. When we get into tax issues, access to credit and cash flow, the scenario becomes even more challenging.

That's why we deliver to you much more than experts in each separate area. We centralize and integrate a team composed of experts focused on sewing customized solutions, based on a holistic view of business.

Areas of expertise

The moment you become a MACAW BUSINESS partner, your inconveniences become ours. And that means we will look for effective solutions so that your organization can focus on other work fronts.

Do you need assistance with areas other than these? Get in touch, and we will soon forward a proposal for a customized solution based on your challenges.

How it works

Business Integration

Preliminary analysis

Initial diagnosis to identify the points of attention in your business, as well as the severity level of each problem


Presentation of results and alignment of perspectives

We elaborate and present the actions listed to solve the identified problems

Tailoring the strategy

Once approved, we prepare the action plan and detail what will be performed at each stage


Our favorite part: apply actions to solve your problems!


We closely monitor the effects of each action to be agile in possibly necessary changes, and we are at your disposal throughout the whole process.


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